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I began my odyssey into photography at age 12 with the purchase of an inexpensive 35mm camera.  Two years later, I acquired a professional level Nikon camera and was developing my own film and printing black and white photos at a darkroom to which I had access afterhours. At 16, I began an apprenticeship with a commercial photographer and shot my first wedding.  By the age of 20, I was going to school and working at the University of Texas at Austin as a photographer for the school newspaper, The Daily Texan.  After graduation, I enlisted in the US Air Force and trained as a pilot.  I used my photography skills to document my work and travels. By the time I went back into the civilian world, I had acquired most of the skills and basic photographic equipment that I needed to become a professional photographer. 

Thirty-five years later, I am still at it.   The transition to digital imaging and workflow proved challenging over the last 15 years, but it also opened up new ways to use photography and share it with a much wider audience.  Today, my main assignments are weddings, adult and family portraits, and children.  I continue to try new approaches and techniques to produce images that set my work apart. - Rob Newman

Rob Newman Photography

3910 Old Denton Rd. Ste. 1910

Carrollton, TX 75007

(817) 416-9824 or (817) 251-1362 Email rob@robnewmanphoto.com

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