Investing in Memories

Photographic images possess a unique quality that allows us to look back at specific moments in our lives and those of our children, family members, and friends. Each image is a time machine of sorts that permits us to journey back to those precious, fleeting moments that will never come again and connect with them emotionally. All the milestones that mark our lives and give them meaning - romance, marriage, children, birthdays and anniversaries - can be revisited if we are willing to invest in capturing their magic. Few experiences compare to the tender embrace of a young couple, the joyous smile of a child, or the shared camaraderie of friends and family at special occasions.

Weddings and Engagements

Our standard engagement package includes a two-hour location shoot in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area and a 30 minute session in the client's home or a studio environment. The base price is $350. We offer four wedding packages starting at $1,100. Our "all the bells and whistles" Platinum package is priced at $3,200.

Portraits, Family, and Child Photography

Our portrait sessions start at $150. Family and child photography sessions begin at $350.

Price List:

For a more detailed overview of our pricing, ask for a copy of our price list in your e-mail enquiry or call us at (817) 416-9824.